Excellent service: how can the purchasing journey help?

Excellent service: how can the purchasing journey help?

Excellent service contributes greatly to the customer’s purchasing journey . After all, this journey is nothing more than the trajectory that he takes during the relationship he has with your company , being able to experience an incredible experience, but that depends on your company!

When the customer lives a truly strategic and effective purchasing journey, it has memorable impacts. This way, in addition to always wanting to stay close to your brand, he becomes a promoter of your business.

Therefore, excellent service must be one of the strategies of the purchasing journey. Shall we understand more about this subject? Stay with us!

How important is it to invest in excellent service?

Excellent service is one that understands the customer and seeks to resolve their problem quickly and effectively . In other words, it helps the consumer achieve the desired result more easily.

Therefore, regardless of your company’s sector, having excellent service is important because:

Promotes the strengthening of your brand: By investing in excellent service, the customer perceives the value of your brand — which easily stands out from the competition;
Stimulates loyalty: A well-served customer is a satisfied customer. Therefore, know that good service is essential for consumers to have good times with your company and want to continue this relationship;
Increases profits: The customer wants to continue doing business with your brand, as their experience was positive. In addition, you will refer your friends — who may also become new consumers.

How to create your customer’s purchasing journey?

Before we show you a step-by-step guide to setting up a purchasing journey and, therefore, offering excellent service, it is important to clarify the concept itself.

After all, what is a purchasing journey?

The purchasing journey is the set of steps that the customer takes to reach their goal with your company .

Therefore, these are steps that he carries out from the first contact he has with your brand to post-sales.

Tracing the customer journey is important to structure and guide all of your company’s campaigns and strategic actions — both online and offline .

What are the benefits of the purchasing journey?

Mapping the purchasing journey is important for several reasons. Discover the main ones:

  • Understand the path taken by the customer;
  • Identify failures in processes;
  • Solve consumer problems more easily;
  • Provide improvement insights ;
  • Attract potential customers at the right time;
  • Increase customer retention;
  • Identify the best and ideal points of contact;
  • Understand which strategies are working;
  • Monitor and monitor the customer experience;
  • Guide the client to the final decision.

What are the Steps to Set Up the Customer’s Purchasing Journey?

The customer journey is made up of five stages. Are they:

  • Learning and discovery;
  • Recognition of the problem;
  • Consideration of the solution;
  • Buying decision;
  • Relationship and loyalty.

So, learn more about each of them right now.

1. Learning and Discovery

The first stage of the customer journey is when the customer does not yet know that they have a problem, nor that your company can offer the best solutions.

Therefore, it refers to the first point of contact he has with your organization . Thus, it is essential that it be inviting, didactic, educational and not have a commercial appeal — trying, for example, to push your product or service.

2. Problem Recognition

The second phase of the buying journey is problem recognition. So, this is the moment when the client begins to realize that he may have a problem or a need that needs to be met .

Therefore, your company’s role is to show that it can contribute to the solution of your problem, as it dominates and is an expert on the subject. So, this is exactly where the customer’s pain needs to be explored very well.

3. Solution Consideration

In the solution consideration stage, the customer understands that they have a problem and are looking for the best alternatives for their case.

Therefore, it is the ideal time for your company to present the benefits of your products and services.

After all, the customer is looking for a product or service that fits their needs. Therefore, you need to convince the customer that your company has the best solution.

4. Purchase Decision

The fourth stage of the customer journey, the purchase decision, is when the customer has gathered all the information he needs to make a decision.

Thus, he found a company that really met his expectations. Therefore, he is ready to close the contract.

At this stage, it is essential to make sure that the customer understands what differentiates your business. This way, it becomes easier for him to invest in your organization — and not in the competition.

5. Relationship and Loyalty

Finally, we reach the relationship and loyalty stage, when the customer has already purchased from your company and now it’s just a matter of keeping the relationship strong .

Therefore, it is the ideal time to strengthen the bonds of trust so that the customer becomes a true promoter of your brand.

Therefore, an essential tip to check how the customer’s journey was, is to apply the satisfaction survey .

After all, smart questionnaires allow you to collect precious data that helps in strategic decision making.


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