The link between SEO and Social Media – a perfect strategy

The link between SEO and Social Media – a perfect strategy

A site does not live only on Google, or rather, the health of an online project cannot be based only on organic visits.

The channels to get in touch with users are more and more numerous and that is why, in addition to the SEO strategy, it is good to know and implement a monitoring strategy and presence on social networks, which can represent both a new source of traffic, as a boost to the site’s content.

The link between SEO and social media

However, the integration of social media management within the broader digital marketing strategy should not make us think in strict terms about improving Google’s positioning.

Google has clarified several times that the so-called  social signals do not directly refer to the use of popularity on the various online channels as a  ranking factor , but rather to the combined use of various information available online on the entities that represent the brand or our product.

Despite this clarification, there are various ways that social platforms can help our website and traffic volume.

Why use social networks?

A good use of these platforms allows us to achieve immediate objectives: increasing the number of users and consumers, making the brand more memorable, being able to obtain information to calibrate the strategy and communication objectives in a way aligned with the needs of the target audience.

Being effective on social networks also means having the opportunity to advertise products and promotions, to have a direct customer support channel and to obtain greater loyalty compared to other channels.

All this because social networks allow companies and customers to interact and comment, representing a different system for obtaining feedback and advice.

The objectives of a social media marketing strategy

Your social media marketing strategy should be configured to achieve a number of specific goals, including:

  • Promotion and sale of goods and services.
  • Sharing of website / blog content.
  • Diversification of traffic sources on the site.
  • Increase website traffic.
  • Lead generation activities, i.e. the creation of new useful contacts for our commercial network.
  • Social caring activities, i.e. support for customers in the pre-sale and post-sale phases.
  • Improving customer satisfaction and customer service.
  • Creating interactive relationships with our target audience.
  • Creating new backlinks
  • Increasing the reputation of the brand.
  • Increasing  brand awareness .
  • Developing brand authority in the reference niche, improving social proof as experts or industry leaders.
  • Personal branding activities  to improve personal visibility.

SEO and Social: a mutual support for improving the site

The basic idea is that SEO and social media help each other and can provide support for improving the site’s performance, while having different approaches and characteristics. Being able to merge these two worlds can increase the notoriety and authority of our brand.

Although conceptually similar, SEO and social networks exploit different techniques and dynamics that must be well understood.

As we know,  SEO  is a very varied and wide set of techniques and methods to optimize the performance of a website on search engines and to reach the first positions on Google.

Social networks, on the other hand, can serve to encourage interactions and activate behaviors that generate more direct relationships between users and brands, often useful to meet planned business and marketing objectives.

The synthetic goal of social media marketing is to get in touch and create conversations and interactions with users, who can then turn into consumers.

Diversification of website traffic

Looking in particular at the different platforms, we can summarize that their power can serve to create a community of users interested in the products or services offered, to be then transmitted to other users through distribution.

Social networks can be a great way to give an initial boost of traffic and engagement to our project, i.e. powerups that can help your site get the attention your content needs to start climbing faster ranking.

Or, from a conservative point of view, having an alternative source of traffic allows us to protect ourselves from the quite frequent fluctuations of the ranking on Google, or to experience these situations in a less critical way.

The advantages of multichannel communication

In addition to increasing website visibility and traffic, social networks can help increase sales and business for any type of company, regardless of its size.

The larger goal of SEO is not to generate organic traffic, but to bring relevant traffic to the site that can generate conversions. Through social networks we have more information about the types, forms and tones of the content that users like and that create an immediate interaction.

In fact, social networks can generate more traffic to pages optimized for search, and visits from this channel have positive characteristics for the site, because the user who clicks on the link is inclined to read, and if we offer an engaging and interesting text, we can reduce  the rejection rate , a value that Google takes into account.

Refine the search for target and content

In a complete digital marketing strategy, brand social communities can serve as a cornerstone to better profile users.

This also works for the more practical aspects of content management: for example, we can identify which social media posts get the best engagement and use this information to similarly structure page titles and descriptions.

Create relationships and get new links

We can also use social networks to build strategic relationships, getting in touch with influencers or industry experts who can become important points of reference to give more authority to our content.

These partnerships can lead to link opportunities beyond what we could do alone and in addition to classic link building strategies  : the process of connecting with relevant audiences on social networks is important because it can lead to the creation of new links in a way natural.

If our audience interacts with the published contents, they could – with high probability – share them spontaneously, an element that will give greater visibility to the pages: consequently, our content will be more likely to be found and read by other people, and at the same time obtain an increase in terms of credibility, authority and popularity.

Branded SERP and social networks in the Google ranking

Therefore, social networks play an important role in helping us bring our content to a wider audience; as we mentioned, this could translate into a higher number of backlinks, an improvement in user engagement signals and, last but not least, a strengthening of positioning in brand-related searches.

Social network profiles are very important for Google, and often they are on the first positions when users search online for information about our brand and certainly influence the content of the search results.

Optimize your presence on all social networks

It is advisable not to neglect any action or strategy to improve the management of our online brand and to strengthen our brand awareness.

In practical terms, we can start by claiming online brand properties to establish a unique, clear and precise communication across all channels. These are:

Google My Business account  .
Facebook / Instagram / Youtube / Pinterest pages.

From the point of view of the user experience, the correct possession of all these elements increases the trust of people looking for the brand and increases the possibility of conversion.

Two systems that work together to strengthen the site

In today’s digital landscape, social media and SEO work together and we should not think of these two categories as separate worlds. Promotion on social networks should fuel our SEO strategy, promoting content to more audiences and getting as many relevant visits as possible.

Finally, the application of effective SEO tactics and a motivated and more productive presence on social networks should make our website more efficient and profitable.


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