What are the advantages and how to profit from software resale?

What are the advantages and how to profit from software resale?

Software reselling is a business model that involves a partnership between a software manufacturing company and an individual or legal entity that will resell the solution. In general, technology companies themselves have resale programs , offering commissions, benefits and support to interested parties.

What are the advantages of reselling software?

Software reselling, when compared to other types of reselling, presents considerable advantages for the person or company that decides to opt for this type of business. Between them:

  • Promising market
  • low investment
  • Opportunity to undertake
  • revenue increase
  • Expansion of the portfolio for different market niches
  • Promising market

We’ve already said it before, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce: the software market is growing rapidly , with no forecast of a decline. In fact, on the contrary! Pak has a lot to evolve in relation to digital transformation, in other words, there is a lot of work to be done.

low investment

In addition to knowledge and mastery over the software and possible visits to customers, there is not much initial investment in this type of resale . Because it is a product that is on digital , it is not necessary space for stock or office in a fixed location. It is not a coincidence that technology also provides savings and productivity even for those who work in sales!

Opportunity to undertake

For those looking for a way to have their own business, software reselling can be a starting point. In addition to the low initial investment and the flexibility of schedules that facilitate the routine of those who are starting alone, the success of sales is what will define stability and profit from month to month .

revenue increase

Software resale is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to have extra income. After all, depending on the proposal of the company that offers the software, the earnings can be recurring and grow according to the number of closed sales .

For example, when the reseller’s remuneration is based on the customer’s continued subscription to the software, the secret is to keep sales high so that any churns have less impact on monthly revenue.

Portfolio expansion

Working on behalf of technology companies allows the reseller to have a wider range of products to serve businesses of different segments and sizes.

Software resale also allows the reseller and the company itself to reach market niches never explored by the brand.

But be careful! It is necessary to carefully select the software that will be part of the resale portfolio so as not to lose focus. This is because, for the reseller to be truly successful, it will be necessary to master each solution very well and in the context in which the potential customer is inserted.

How to choose software for resale?

For software reselling to be a success and provide the benefits mentioned above, those interested in this business model must follow some important steps before choosing to participate in any partner program. Follow:

Have a vision of the market and target audience

Before starting any type of business, the ideal is to start by being aware of the market you intend to operate in and what pain points your product portfolio can help solve.

Therefore, study your region and possible segments before choosing a reseller program. Observe the pain, seek to know what companies need and what software available on the market best meets these needs.

Analyze the competition

Competitor analysis serves both to identify what other resellers offer or do not offer in their portfolios, as well as to understand the software already on the market for a given function or segment.

Therefore, be sure to carry out a good analysis of your field of activity to act strategically with the resale of the chosen software.

Look at the pros and cons of each partner program

After refining your search for software to make up your portfolio, analyze the company’s partner program proposals. Commission percentage, training, technical support and implementation method are some of the points that deserve attention when signing up for one of these programs.

Research companies and their software

Another crucial point when choosing software for your resale portfolio is getting to know the companies and their products.

Research information about the company’s reputation and what users say about the software they offer. Pay attention to those that are more complete and that allow integration with other systems.

Another important point is to consider what each company offers to customers, such as technical support, educational materials, quick problem resolution, customizations, among others.

Finally, give preference to those companies that are already references in the market , that is, that already have a known name, authority and quality.


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