What is Visual Merchandising and what is its importance in sales?

What is Visual Merchandising and what is its importance in sales?

Visual merchandising (VM) is a marketing strategy that aims to create a harmonious physical environment and delight customers with the use of elements that draw customers’ attention to the product mix .

This technique makes use of various arrangements of goods, decorations, music and even special smells. In other words, all components of the environment are carefully considered to create a positive impression and attract customers to physical commerce .

What is the function of visual merchandising?

Its main objective is to increase sales and store visits . This is achieved by creating a comfortable space for consumers, capable of visually conveying the brand’s personality .

Therefore, we can say that VM helps to build customer loyalty, as it guarantees them a pleasant shopping experience. This happens from the moment they enter the store until the moment they complete the purchase of products and/or services.

What is the difference between window dressing and visual merchandising?

Although they are related, visual merchandising and showcase are different concepts. The VM strategy looks at the entire store environment, taking into account all the elements that make up the space.

On the other hand, window dressing specializes in assembling and arranging a window to make it attractive to customers. Therefore, it can be said that window dressing is one of the VM techniques .

Benefits of visual merchandising

See the main advantages that implementing visual merchandising brings to a physical store:

  • Increase in sales and visits;
  • Unique shopping experience for buyers;
  • Consumer satisfaction;
  • Customer loyalty;
  • Strengthening the brand’s visual identity;
  • Optimization of the internal layout of the store;
  • Market recognition.

VM Trends for Retail

Staying on top of key VM trends can ensure your brick-and-mortar store becomes more competitive. Get to know some:

  • Store signage , indicating fitting rooms, cashiers, service and everything else that helps the customer move around the environment;
  • Direct messages that speak to the consumer, such as signs, posters and pictures with motivational or welcome messages;
    Use of a music playlist to liven up the environment, making it more dynamic;
  • Concern about creating accessible spaces for people with disabilities;
  • Organization and updating of showcases , according to commemorative dates and market trends. The windows must always be impeccable, as they are one of the main attractions of a store.

Tips for a successful VM

It is important to emphasize that the benefits of VM can only be achieved through a well-designed strategy. Be successful in implementing it with the incredible tips we have selected below:

Make the ambience speak to the product sold/service

Decorating and organizing a store requires consistency with the product sold. This means that the vibe of a fitness clothing store should not be the same as that of a party clothing store, for example.

You need to analyze your product, market niche and target audience to define a sensory strategy that matches your brand. To do this, it’s worth exploring the psychology of colors and using other elements related to your brand’s identity.

Stimulate other senses besides vision

Invest in a complete sensory experience that goes beyond physical decoration.

For example, choose a playlist that matches the store, use air fresheners to give the space a specific aroma and analyze the likelihood of offering sweets, drinks and treats to consumers.

Invest in a smart layout

Optimize your store’s layout and organize products, furniture and other elements to improve circulation through it and the buyer’s experience.

Leaving strategic spaces in the store not only favors customer circulation, but also allows them to get a better look at the products sold. And this can favor increased sales.

Create a pleasant environment in your physical store

Set up a beautiful and pleasant environment that makes people feel comfortable. Remember that the organization and appearance of a store is the basis for offering a good consumer experience.

Therefore, invest in good lighting, comfortable changing rooms, beautiful armchairs, air conditioning and accessibility for customers with reduced mobility.


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