What is Cyber ​​Defense and how to start a career in the area?

What is Cyber ​​Defense and how to start a career in the area?

Technology has been transforming careers in the job market. With the internet, new professions have emerged, mainly linked to the data available in this immensity that is the digital world. This high demand contributes to cybercrimes, which requires specialization in Cyber ​​Defense.

Do you know what this concept is? Very related to security and privacy on the internet, it is one of the hot topics when dealing with technology.

After all, everything you do on the internet can be exposed at any time . Imagine the consequences that could arise from this.

Due to the great relevance it currently has, building a career in the area has been the desire of many people. In this article, you will understand more about the concept, what the market is like and the areas of Cyber ​​Defense. Check out!

What is Cyber ​​Defense?

Cybernetic Defense is a set of techniques used to defend the diversity of servers, electronic systems, networks, computers and other devices from online attacks .

Basically, the concept concerns actions carried out in cyberspace. That is, we are talking about the entire domain of the computer network, but in the context of national planning at a strategic level, coordinated and integrated by the Ministry of Defense.

Its objective is to protect information assets of interest to the National Defense , in addition to obtaining data for the production of Intelligence knowledge and, furthermore, seeking superiority over the information systems of adversary countries.

Today, we live in an era where privacy and data security are more valued , but that does not prevent some hacker attacks from happening. Therefore, it is an area of ​​extreme importance for society and, especially, for companies that are establishing themselves in the market.

By the way, it is important to emphasize that you should not confuse Cyber ​​Defense with Information Security .

Defense operates in a more restricted manner, focusing on invasions and technology vulnerability (both physical and virtual). Information Security, on the other hand , is more comprehensive, responsible for managing topics that complement Defense itself.

How important is Cyber ​​Defense for the future?

This maturity in the area shows how much the Cyber ​​Defense job market has developed in recent years. In particular, it reveals the importance that companies had in this scenario, increasing and encouraging investments in the area.

But the market already understands this: it is increasingly evident that organizations, whether in any sector, need professionals who can guarantee data security.

The job market for Cyber ​​Defense

In relation to the career and what to expect from the job market, the great demand stands out, as companies are investing in professionals in the area.

Even because, with the approval of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) , the need for specialized labor may be even more significant on the national scene.

As it is a necessary function that guarantees the credibility and security of an organization, institutions are looking for increasingly qualified professionals ready to perform this service.

However, many institutions still have difficulty finding qualified labor. According to the (ISC)² report , there are around 600 thousand vacancies open in Latin America related to cybersecurity .

And, now that you know the growth prospects, check out some of the main questions: what this professional does, areas of activity, salary and best courses in Cyber ​​Defense.

What are the areas of activity in Cyber ​​Defense?

Among the main areas of activity for Cyber ​​Defense specialists are:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer;
  • Network Security Engineer;
  • Information Security Manager;
  • DevSecOps;
  • Consultant and Advisor in Cyber ​​Defense;
  • Forensic Expertise;
  • Cyber ​​Security;
  • Ethical Hacker ;
  • Governance and Vulnerability Management of Information Systems;
  • Forensic Computing;
  • Cyber ​​Defense Projects.

Therefore, all regions of the country have opportunities and it is also a career that allows you to work abroad. Remembering that those who have more knowledge will be at an advantage and have chances of better jobs and salaries.

What does a professional in this field do?

Those who invest in the Cyber ​​Defense profession have the task of using a set of practices with the objective of protecting companies, from servers to mobile devices, against criminal attacks in the online environment.

In this way, the professional’s role is to: manage network assets, monitor security and always identify the need to update these networks and make the appropriate changes against possible scams .

Therefore, those who specialize in the area are responsible for preventing threats and the leakage of confidential information from companies and their customers.

According to the United Nations GGE, among the main functions and importance of Cyber ​​Defense are:

  • defend specific attacks against critical infrastructure and government systems;
  • protect the citizen against the interruption of essential services in the face of emergency situations;
  • contain damage that has already occurred to systems and institutions;
  • be able to carry out cyber attacks.


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